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  Do you need to find the owner of a post office box address? Maybe you need to find out who has used this address in the past, or maybe you need to find someone and the only information you have is a P.O. box address. This "PO Box Search" comes with a no find no fee search guarantee. This simply means that if we are not able to locate any records on the owner of a P.O. box, then you do not pay.

The P.O. Box Search can be a useful tool to find someone that is hiding or owes large sums of money to someone. We can conduct a special search which will tell you the last owners of the address and the current owner of the P.O. Box address. You will also receive the subject's name, physical address, date of birth, cell phone numbers, telephone numbers, and other data. We can also find criminal records, arrest records, lien records, and more.

We have been conducting background checks and locating missing people for more that 13 years now with great success. Many of our customers come back to us for all their investigation needs. Your order will be conducted by a licensed private detective and normally available in 1-5 days. Some searches may take longer because we research the records to get you the best results available. If you need to find accurate results and information, then trust us to do the job for you.

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This service has a "no find no fee guarantee" which means if we cannot locate any information on the subject or the address, you will be refunded the full search price.  This advanced option below has the same "no find no fee" guarantee. We are so sure that we can help you find the records you need, we offer this guarantee to you!

Select the search method you wish to order below :

Basic Results $39.99 Order   Advanced Search $79.99 Order
First name (Owner of PO BOX address)
Middle name
Last name
Date of birth
Current address (subject's current residence)
Past addresses (up to 20 years or more)
Other people using the same social security number.
Possible spouse's name. (If married)
Name changes (If female has married)
Land line telephone numbers
Cell phone numbers
Social security number/s
Unlisted telephone numbers
Aliases (Married name changes)
High risk address identification (Shows mail drops or other false possible fraudulent addresses)
Notification of criminal or arrest records.

PO Box Search $39.99

  The advanced search will include all information from the basic search plus:
Criminal records (State and federal)
Arrest records (State and federal)
Eviction records (Multiple states)
Professional licenses (Multiple states)
Business records
Bankruptcy records
Employment location and employers name.
Advanced cell phone location
Advanced unlisted phone number search
Relatives and possible roommates
Incident Logs Traffic and other reports
Property Ownership
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Find people old address $79.99


Some facts about this search:

The subject is not contacted or has no idea that you have searched his or her records.
The search fee is refunded if we cannot locate any information on the subject.
The subject must be at least 18 years of age at the time you order.
We do not search minors or public figures.
You must agree to all terms and conditions before you order the search.
Results normally available in 1-5 days time. Some may take longer to complete.
This search has a "no find no fee" policy, which means, if we cannot locate records, you do not pay.
New support system so you can ask questions about your order, check the status of your order, etc.
You may receive more than one match if you only have the P.O. Box address. If you have the subject's
name, you will receive additional records.






 All information shown may or may not be included depending on if it can be located or if the records and information are on record. Some records and information may not be available, located, or may not exist. This is a service to search and locate records so you are paying for a service. No reports or records can be guaranteed. The *ssn will be masked or truncated on every search due to security reasons unless you have legal documents. Trademarks belong to their respected owners. The normal turn around time all most searches is 3-6 days although some may take longer! Please see our terms before you place an order.
Some searches may take up to 30 days if we have to research more records, and search more databases.